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Message from Executive Director, Dr. Robert Martin

Welcome to the Association of Commercial Cannabis Laboratory website! We are a group of independent lab operators that have come together to address the lack of standards and practices in the medical and recreational marijuana industry evolving in North America today. Our ACCL members are dedicated to achieving the highest standards for quality assurance testing protocols. All of our members must adhere to strict guidelines for scientific acumen and legal responsibility.

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Association of Commercial Cannabis Laboratories

ACCL supports scientific acumen and legal responsibility, therefore, our members follow strict guidelines:
No "Dry-Labbing"
ACCL members agree not to ship samples except for those in jurisdictions where Federal statues allow such activities to legally take place.
Member Labs does not report sample test values without actually performing a sample analysis - no “dry-labbing” is performed.
Member Labs have on-staff at least one individual that has at least one peer-reviewed publication in a well-accepted scientific publication, or patent, or equivalent that demonstrates an adequate level of scientific acumen, which is hereby attached for review.
Member Labs agree to submit to random “ring-testing” or similar experiments in order to probe the integrity of sample results and general laboratory operations ACCL Membership Statement.
and professional features including:
Members of the ACCL agree to always conduct themselves in a professional manner that continually seeks to raise the integrity of the medical cannabis testing industry and advance solid scientific fundamentals and understandings of cannabis for the general public.
ACCL Meetings and operations are confidential and focused on the QA/QC of medical cannabis and is in no manner directed towards lending to the intoxication of individuals through the use of cannabis products.*
Member Labs do hereby understand that initial membership in the ACCL is on a probationary period until a suitable “ring-test” or ACCL comparable sample test can be conducted satisfactorily to all existing ACCL members.
Member Lab does also further understand that membership in the ACCL may be terminated in writing immediately upon violation of any of the aforementioned membership requirements.
Many of our members are in different stages of ISO certification and ACCL strongly recommends that all membership consider this method of accreditation. I hope the following pages are informative for both laboratory operators and patients/users alike and please use your local ACCL laboratory; they are your best resource in navigating this sometimes complicated industry. Look for the ACCL logo!

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*All discussions, operations, votes, information, and communications both electronically and orally, are to be confidential, held reasonably in confidence and protected similarly to any such other confidential material as a typical work product or invention disclosure would be held, until the ACCL decides to publically release such information via formal communication that is approved by a majority vote of its members.


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ACCL Expands Membership to Include Medical Marijuana Testing Laboratories Throughout North America

Organization Changes Name from Association of California Cannabis Laboratories to Association of Commercial Cannabis Laboratories to Reflect Expanded Geographical Base of Membership

OAKLAND, November 2013: The ACCL today announced that the organization has expanded its membership beyond California to include medical marijuana testing laboratories throughout North America. To reflect the wider geographical base of its membership, the organization has changed its name from the Association of California Cannabis Laboratories to the Association of Commercial Cannabis Laboratories.

Founded in 2011, the ACCL and its member organizations are dedicated to establishing medical marijuana best practices and certifications for quality standards. Since its inception, the ACCL has been at the forefront of the movement to develop mandatory testing protocols for medicinal marijuana products, and with the expansion of its membership base to include Cannabis testing laboratories throughout North American, the organization continues to serve as an example to the rest of the industry on how to work together effectively to bring greater legitimacy and credibility to the medical marijuana community.

New ACCL member organizations will be required to demonstrate satisfactory scientific acumen and expertise as part of the mutually agreed upon membership requirements. Member organizations will engage with dispensaries, growers, patients, legislators and other medical marijuana industry stakeholders in the ongoing effort to define and create testing standards for potency as well as for microbiological contaminants such as mold, fungus, pesticides, bacteria, E. coli and other harmful elements that can comprise the health and well-being of medical marijuana patients.

“As the medical marijuana community continues to expand throughout the United States and Canada, so too has the need for quality assurance testing services increased. ACCL member organizations are committed to ensuring the quality, security, and accountability of the medical Cannabis supply chain and to protecting patients, growers, dispensaries, and the environment from exposure to biological and chemical agents,” said Dr. Robert Martin, CEO of the ACCL. “This is an exciting time for the ACCL, and we're thrilled about welcoming new Cannabis testing laboratories outside of California to help in the effort to develop industry standards for the testing of medical marijuana products."

"In addition to testing for product potency, ACCL member organizations take great pride in ensuring medical marijuana products do not contain microbiological contaminants that would comprise patient safety. ACCL member organizations have the ability and experience to analyze a wide range of medical marijuana products, along with the academic and professional expertise required to interpret and defend the results," added Dr. Martin.

For more information, contact Dr. Robert Martin, ACCL CEO (and co-founder CW Analytical Laboratories) at

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